DJ Nick Burrett

DJ Nick Burrett prefers to think of his role as not simply a DJ but a "guest interaction specialist". With 25 years experience and a keen ability to adapt to his audiences’ needs, he has forged a successful career in the entertainment market.

The Bristol born DJ has been based on the Somerset coast since 1986, specialising primarily in weddings and intimate parties but with vast experience in performing at hundreds of holiday parks, cruise ships, private parties and other entertainment venues.

DJ Nick Burrett’s passion for taking an empty dance floor and turning it into a thriving music event began many years previously. While living in Brean he had the opportunity to shadow another DJ at a local entertainment venue, learning the creative process and developing his own techniques. Dedicated to his craft and quick to learn, becoming the DJ’s stalker paid off and Nick was soon offered to stand in for him in the following weeks.

With a love of all music genres, DJ Nick Burrett uses his extensive musical knowledge and years of experience to cater to each audiences’ individual needs. A thrill seeker at heart, no challenge is too great and his passion for his work shines through at every event he plays.

And his talents don’t stop there. DJ Nick Burrett has previously presented the Breakfast Show on 3trfm in Warminster, Wiltshire, the most listened to programme on the radio station with a weekly reach of 16,000 listeners. As an entertainment host he is also highly equipped to present game shows, trivia contests, bingo, karaoke, children’s entertainment and introduce speciality acts.

Versatility is the first thing that comes to mind when describing DJ Nick Burrett’s work and his philosophy is simple: “Play great music, interact with your guests and enjoy what you do.”


DJ Nick Burrett
The Wedding DJ

Tel: 01823 240300

Mon - Fri: 9am - 5.30pm